Thursday, July 30, 2015

The Cherenkov’s Radiation in Cosmos, And Vedat Shehu’s Cosmic Core Kernel

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       If we speak on radiation, surely we understand it as wave-corpuscular flux, and we can have better notion for it when we know its origin. So, even the beta radiation emitting certain light (named Cerenkov radiation), which is expressed as a blue glow, when crosses the transparent medium of gases, water and some crystals. Such glowing light is seen in nuclear reactors in water; and in the blue giant stars of Andromeda galaxy, which are covered with icy objects similar to our Kuiperoids in outer part of planetary disc. Cherenkov radiation is accompanied even supernova explosion. It means that through this event a similar matter transformation occurs as in transformation of atom nuclei of radioactive isotopes. Surely, in supernova event does not explode chemical elements in their atom or molecular state, but a certain ultradense matter shape of particle and ultra-particles, which are reshaped and form core of the newly born stars and newly born planet. Their cores are constructed with transformable ultradense core kernel inside, and their plasma outside and chemical elements and their bonds outside. Conclusively, the Earth’s core is a cosmic energetic object inside its stony (silicate) shell, while the Sun remained a gigantic earth-like core in bare state as a star.
       Vedat Shehu,
Engineer geologist, Doctor, Professor

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